If you are here because your horse is laminitic or you are interested in information for prevention, please join the ECIR Group outreach at for immediate help from senior volunteers. It's free.

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Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.

News Articles

ECIR Group Inc. Announces Third Film Release

Oct, 01 2019

A presentation of key areas affecting the health of metabolic equines.

All IR/EMS Horses Have Laminitis

Mar, 16 2019

Remodeling of the laminae occurs in EMS/PPID equines even before clinical signs of lameness are evident.

ECIR Group Inc. Announces Second Film Release

Nov, 01 2018

Success starts with getting the right diagnosis.

Does Your Overweight Horse Have An Insulin Problem?

Oct, 02 2018

Not all fat horses have high insulin.

Silver Bullets Are For Werewolves

Feb, 27 2018

Nutrition can do many things to help our horses but...

Myths and Misconceptions about Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome

Feb, 07 2018

For the sake of your horse, be aware of what works and why.

The ECIR Group Inc. Applauds Paradigm Shifts in Understanding Equine Laminitis

Jan, 18 2018

A step toward better understanding.

ECIR Group Inc. Concludes Successful 2017 NO Laminitis! Conference

Nov, 15 2017

Attended by 190 owners and equine professionals

What Can You Tell By Just Looking At Hay?

Sep, 03 2017

Knowing what to look for does yield information but testing is critical in key areas.

What is Restricted Feeding?

Aug, 28 2017

It may not be what you think.

How Long Can You Talk About Laminitis?

Aug, 08 2017

Why a multi-day conference on Laminitis is so important.

The 2017 NO Laminitis! Conference - Who Should Attend?

Jul, 27 2017

Tucson, AZ, October 27-29, 2017

Calorie Restriction Will Not Keep or Make Your Insulin Resistant Horse Fat - Eating Too Much Will

Jul, 24 2017

Science and facts behind ideal healthy feeding.


Jul, 21 2017

The story of the Great Pergolide Scare of 2007 and the horse owners who took on the FDA.

Spring Grass Safety

May, 26 2017

A review of a recent article appearing online

The ECIR Group: NO Laminitis! Selected for 2017 International Film Festival

May, 05 2017

Film to be shown at festival in September

ECIR Group Inc. Announces 2017 NO Laminitis! Conference

Mar, 20 2017

Three-day information packed event

ECIR Group Inc. Unveils Updated Website

Mar, 20 2017

New portal opened to

ECIR Group Inc. Announces Film Release

Dec, 13 2016

Announcement of educational film The ECIR Group: NO Laminitis!

ECIR Group Inc. Unveils New Logo

Dec, 09 2016

To capture the heart of the ECIR Group

Fall Laminitis -- It's Not All About Grass

Sep, 28 2016

Dr Kellon on Fructan and Fall Seasonal Rise

New Home of the ECIR Group -

Apr, 21 2016

The work goes on nearly 24/7 at new forum

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Jan, 01 2016

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